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Carly // Owner + Creative Director

Hailing from the Pacific North West, Carly is no stranger to beauty, adventure, and design.  She spent her college years studying communications and journalism in Southern California but it was her time spent in public relations and customer service that prepared her for the wedding world.  Her fierce work ethic, gentle spirit and eye for esthetics make her the total package.  When Carly is not answering emails, curating spaces, and planning weddings she can be found cooking up new recipes.


Lyndsea // Associate Coordinator

Born in the Lone Star State, Lyndsea is no stranger to a little southern hospitality.  Her years pursuing higher education brought her to the west coast where she earned a BA in Childhood Development from CSULB.  Married to her grade school crush, this mother of two has mastered the art of multitasking.  Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you, Lyndsea’s post college hospitality background and tenacious spirit make her the perfect addition to the Carly Rae Family.  On her days-off you can find her curled up on the couch watching reruns of FRIENDS with a sweet tea in hand.line


Nicole Dines // Associate Coordinator

Born in Hawaii, raised in Phoenix and currently loving life in Southern California, Nicole graduated from Azusa Pacific University with her Masters degree in Management.  Having explored Europe, South Africa and Vietnam, she has a unique sense for global cultures and their celebrations. Nicole’s a passion for adventure and innovative event design mixed with her knack for organization, and collaborative spirit inspired her to pursue the wonderful world of weddings.  In her free time, Nicole finds joy in the little things, such as trying new recipes and spending time with friends and family.