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Dream Factory // The Beginning

As most people do, I made a New Years Resolution this year and that was to invest more time and energy into this blog. I follow a number of blogs and the ones that stop me in my tracks are the bloggers that share what’s going on in their life. The good and the great, the struggles and the tough days (because we all have these, right?)

So I wanted to bring you in on our journey at Carly Rae Weddings. We’ve been in the event industry for quite some time now and a dream of ours has been to add florals to our services.  Why you ask? Because I’m obsessed with beautiful things, especially flowers.  I was so fortunate to have met Samantha from Primary Petals early on in my career and have had a major crush on her style and designs.  We quickly became friends and Billy and I put the dream of flowers on the back burner because we never wanted to compete with Sam’s work.  Our dream sat on the shelf for 3 years as Sam and I worked closely.

Then in October this past year I received a phone call from Sam.  She let me know that she would be closing up shop and wouldn’t be booking for 2014.  I was shocked, sad, disappointed that this company I loved for so long would cease to exist.  She said she had a few people interested in possibly purchasing the business and she would let me know if someone were to take it over.

Three weeks later, Billy and I were picking up flowers from Sam’s studio and asked her if anyone had purchased the business yet.  She told us the final buyer backed out when it came time to sign paperwork.  Again we were shocked, sad, and disappointed to hear that Primary Petals was closing up shop.  We loaded the last of the flowers, got into our car, and then I’ll never forget the grin on Billy’s face.    I’ve seen that grin once or twice before.  Its the type of grin where he is thinking a mile a minute and say anything but I can read him like a book.  “Let’s buy it!” he said with his now huge smile.  I tried to talk some common sense into him but in the end we called Sam with an offer for the business.

Deep breath.

Sam accepted and we… bought….Primary Petals!

Crazy, right? A week later we were signing papers and it’s been nothing but smooth sailing ever since. We’ve had moments where Billy and I will look at each other and say, “Is this real life?!” It is real life and I am so excited for it.  The best part is… are you ready for this… the entire staff of Primary Petals is on board with the move!  The same girls that have been producing the flowers under Sam for years are the same girls who will still be producing the flowers!

Another deep breath… and where in the world are we going to put 500 vases and 2 industrial fridges?  AHHH!

Carly Rae Weddings has been run out of our living room for the last three years and while its continued to grow it hasn’t needed an office, until now!  Last Monday we signed a lease for a new office space that we have named The Dream Factory.  It will house the Carly Rae Team, Primary Petals and Fourth Films! I have dreamed about this for so long and when we open the doors for the first time with keys in hand, I couldn’t stop twirling through the whole place. That moment was completely surreal for Billy and I.

So I wanted to take you on our journey of decorating this space, below is the mood board. I wanted it to be fun, cheery, bright, clean lines, and a place where dreams are made. Lots of white and pops of color.

Dream Factory mood board #moodboard #carlyraeweddings
This is the layout Billy created.  I had this mapped in my head and I woke up one morning and it was sitting on his laptop. I LOVE that man. We wanted the space to be open and collaborative yet separate.  So in the front we have a designated room for consultations and private meetings but in the back you have 900 sqft of open room for offices and floral production.
Dream Factory layout #carlyraeweddings
This is the view from the back of the warehouse. The roll-up garage is perfect for transporting flowers, decorations we made, etc! I love this space because it’s so open, bright, and has so much potential!Dream Factory #carlyraeweddings
This door joins the office to the warehouse. To the right of this photo, there will be a kitchenette here!
Dream Factory #carlyraeweddings
We rented a U-haul for 12 hours the other day and put it work!  Those fridges took 6 people to get in and out of the truck.  All our boxes needing to be unpacked, sorted and cleaned.
Dream Factory #carlyraeweddings
Just a handful of the vases we need to unpack
Dream Factory #carlyraeweddings
This room will have a seating area for client meetings but for now… its storage! I promise this will be a cozy space for brides to curl up with a cup of tea and talk about their vision for their wedding!
Dream Factory #carlyraeweddings

Stay tuned for more updates on The Dream Factory

xo, Carly

  • SamanthaJanuary 16, 2014 - 11:27 pm

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TWO, and the Carly Rae Design & Primary Petals teams! I am also thrilled that you are keeping the quirky style of Primary Petals alive and well as I rest and heal this next year.

    Please invite me over to see it soon!ReplyCancel

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