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It’s been a while since I’ve shared some updates on the studio and since we are in the home stretch I thought I’d give you a virtual tour.  We’ve spent every spare moment running around town to finish this studio and its bitter sweet that the process is coming to an end!  This studio has truly become a guilty pleasure of mine.  I spend so much of my time designing for others that I forgot how much I enjoyed the experience of creating for myself.

I’ve come to love the art of interior decorating and would love to maybe start a new division within CRW some day to help curate other people’s spaces.  Billy and I wanted to create a space that inspired other’s creativity yet felt like home to anyone who walked through the door.  A space that made you feel like anything was possible and a space that invited you to take off your coat and stay a while.  A space for creatives to create and dreamers to dream.  When we got the keys to this space it was 1200 square feet of white walls and leaky pipes but with every passing day it gets one step closer to becoming our Dream Factory.  There is no words to describe how rewarding this journey has been for me and our team.

Here are a few of the concept boards we put together when we envisioned the space a few months ago.  Enjoy!

I’ll start with The Studio since its where we spend most of our time.  The furniture is being custom built by the incredible people over at Room and Board.  We grabbed a white velvet couch, with two royal blue velvet swivel chairs to go on either side.  This look is tied together with colorful pillows, a beautiful wool carpet from West Elm, and a floor to ceiling art wall with works from some of our closest friends.  On the other side of the studio we have beautiful shelves to house our glassware collection as well as a dinning table to work at.  When Billy and I would work from home we never went into our home office.  Instead you could find us at the kitchen table at all times.  So when it came time to pick out furniture for this space we decided to buy a large kitchen table to work at with our team.

Inspirational Work Spaces - The Studio #carlyraeweddings


1.) Art Wall
2.) Murphy Sofa with Bright pillows
3.) Tyne Cocktail Table
4.) Torres Wool Kilim Guava Rug
5.) Otis Swivel Chair
6.) White Eames Chairs
7.) Parker Mid Century Table
8.) Vintage Glass

My vision for the Consultation Room is happy, relaxing, with a dash of quirky. We created a custom polka dot wall made from (my new personal favorite) gold contact paper, added a pink couch, striped rug, modern wire furniture, and we had to add some plants to keep the room fresh.  This room receives the most natural light in the mornings and has already become one of my favorite places to curl up with a cup of tea to relax before the day gets too crazy.  I can only hope Brides will enjoy this little room as much as I do.

Inspirational Work Spaces - Consultation Room #carlyraeweddings

Consultation Room

1.) Gold Dots – DIY
2.) Rue Apartment Sofa
3.) Stockholm Striped Rug
4.) Lucy Side Chair by Bend
5.) Wire Side Table
6.) Laboratory Lamp
7.) Fiddle Fig Tree

Last but most certainly not least is our lovely Kitchen.  If you know me you know I love to cook, so making this space feel like home was very important to me.  We built our very own cabinets from IKEA and added a custom toe kick and Anthropology handles to make it feel a bit more like us and a bit less like IKEA.  Throw in the royal blue SMEG, custom art, hand woven rug, a few plants and whole lot of reading material to keep us on our toes and our kitchen was complete!  Each week we make some home made drinks to share in the office, my favorite so far was a mint lemonade. We’re in the hospitality industry so why not practice that in our office?

Inspirational Work Spaces - The Kitchen #carlyraeweddings


1.) Royal Blue Smeg
2.) Custom Handles for Kitchenette
3.) IKEA Akurum Kitchen Cabinets
4.) DIY Potted Plants
5.) Hand Woven Rug
6.) Polka Dot Art
7.) Books and Magazines!

I seriously can not wait to share our space with you when its complete.  We are hoping to do a dance party kick off sometime in May to celebrate!  Keep your eyes peeled for details coming real soon.



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