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One of the first ideas we had as we set foot in our new space was to do a massive gallery wall of art. Billy wanted to go floor to ceiling but we quickly learned how difficult it is to curate a good gallery wall and so, as you will see, we scaled back just a bit.

A few months ago we reached out to you for some help as we asked for your favorite artists, websites, and decor items.  We received countless tips and tricks from so many of you and in the process stumbled across some incredibly talented creatives whose work now hangs on our walls.  But before we do the grand reveal, I want to share with you the process we went through to arrive at the final product.

Everything we do from a design stand-point starts off with a mood board.  When we first started we had brighter colors in mind.

Art wall mood board 1

Then we started a Pinterest board and invited you to share, pin, and dream with us to curate the wall.  I’m so glad we did this because your input made a huge difference on the final product.

Pinterest for gallery wall

What we learned along the way is that we were naturally drawn to a bit softer color palatte.  There was something over bearing about so many bright colors.  We tried sticking to the original color palatte found in our first mood board. When we started putting images side by side it just didn’t work for us.  This happens all the time in the design process and when it does, we go back to the drawing board and draft up another mood board.  Below was our second concept and in the end holds pretty true to what we see on our wall.

Art Wall Mood Board 2

Next we had to pick the prints!  I can’t even begin to stress how challenging this part is and if it weren’t for so many of these artists creating custom prints and sizes for us I don’t think it would have been possible.  Billy created a scaled wall in photoshop, and we would sit for hours on the internet searching for the right prints to go on the wall.  Usually we would find the perfect image only to discover that it didn’t come in the size we needed.  If it did come in the right size, the only frame it could fit in would be a custom frame that cost an arm and a leg.  Two months later when all was said and done we created the layout seen below.  We double checked our math, ordered our prints and frames, and the following week felt like Christmas.  I’d show up at the studio with a stack of boxes waiting for me.

Gallery Wall Blue Print

Hammer… check!  Wall anchors… check!  Craft paper cut outs… huh?  I can’t over state how crucial this part of the process was for us.  Before putting a nail in the wall we cut out life size replicas of our frames in craft paper.  Using painters tape we arranged them on the wall using Billy’s Photoshop blue prints.  Pretty cool huh?  The only difference you will notice is that photo 12 and photo 9 swapped places. When we got everything in, it just made more sense to switch these two.

Gallery Wall craft paper template

Then all we had to do is measure how far down the anchor needed to be from the top of the frame, put one whole in the wall, and the prints practically hung themselves.  Below you can see our progress!

 photo wall-gif_zpsb62e2a1d.gif

With our big Launch Party right around the corner, I can’t wait to show off all the hard work that went into this space.  If it wasn’t for my incredible team and all of your support, none of this would have been possible.  Once the party is over, our dear friend Meghan Kay Sadler is going to come and photograph the space for everyone to see.  I’ll make sure to include the links to each of these prints on the final photos!

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